Saltwater or Freshwater Hot Tub – Which Is Better To Own?

The main difference between saltwater and bromine/ozone tubs is the way the chlorine is added. Do saltwater tubs use chlorine? In a saltwater tub you do not get away from chlorine, rather you make a natural form of chlorine on a constant basis from salt. As a matter of fact, saltwater tubs must maintain higher … Read More

If I buy a Hot tub what else will I need?

Buying a hot tub is a big decision and no one likes surprises. As with most things, there are additional expenses that you will incur while setting up your new tub. The biggest expenses are the electrical work and the deck or pad. Hot tubs normally include an insulating cover which is key to maintaining … Read More

How much does a hot tub spa cost?

Surprising to many is that size, seating capacity and amount of jets have very little to do with the price of a hot tub or spa. The major drivers of spa and hot tub pricing are Quality Reliability Energy efficiency Longevity Jet type and massage Warranty Technology Features. Hot Tub Jets One great jet can … Read More

What Should I Do Before My Hot Tub Arrives?

Once you’ve decided to buy a hot tub, there are quite a few jobs to complete to prepare for its arrival. Preparing for the arrival of your hot tub may seem like a lot of work at first, but your Caldera Spas dealer will help you through every stage and provide you with the resources … Read More

What Can I Do With My Hot Tub Water When It’s Time To Change It?

There’s a great deal of attention on water conservation and smart water use, especially in areas of the country where rain or snowfall are below normal levels. Here are some tips to using your old spa water wisely. The water in your hot tub can be recycled for use around your home, decreasing the amount … Read More