Saltwater or Freshwater Hot Tub – Which Is Better To Own?

The main difference between saltwater and bromine/ozone tubs is the way the chlorine is added.

Do saltwater tubs use chlorine?

In a saltwater tub you do not get away from chlorine, rather you make a natural form of chlorine on a constant basis from salt. As a matter of fact, saltwater tubs must maintain higher chlorine residual than Bromine/Ozone tubs.

When using a Bromine/ Ozone tub, the naturally produced ozone reduces your use of chlorine or Bromine by upwards of 80%.

Some people find Salt to be easier but either option is very easy and noninvasive.

How do saltwater tubs work? Is a salt tub easier?

Saltwater tubs require 3 things to work:

  • A saltwater system controller
  • A cell,
  • Salt in the Hot Tub water.

The user adds salt to the tub. The hot tub turns this salt (sodium chloride) into bleach(Sodium Hypochlorite). It is done on a constant basis. The technology has been used in pools with near 100% success for over 20 years. This technology in hot tubs has not quite caught up to pools. For some salt works well, for others not so much.

Some systems such as Watkins Wellness Freshwater Salt have really become very popular and reliable. Even with these highest quality systems, some people struggle with salt. So in answer, for those for who it works well, it works well. For others, it is a struggle and can be frustrating. At Sandollar Spa & Pools, we offer your choice of salt or Freshwater 3 Ozone with bromine. Either option is very easy

How long does a salt cartridge last?

They are engineered to last 3-4 months. The user settings, tub size, and water chemistry all play a part in cell life.