If I buy a Hot tub what else will I need?

Buying a hot tub is a big decision and no one likes surprises. As with most things, there are additional expenses that you will incur while setting up your new tub.

The biggest expenses are the electrical work and the deck or pad. Hot tubs normally include an insulating cover which is key to maintaining the lowest possible operating cost. Most owners like to have steps, cover lifters, water treatment systems and need chemicals, electrical breaker boxes, and someone to move the spa from the driveway to its home and set it up. I would consider these items necessary. There are several options that although not necessary is great to have.  Music systems have been increasingly popular and using the mass of the hot tub achieves amazing sound quality.

If you are looking to have your tub be more than just a box full of water in your backyard, consider checking out some of the surrounds that are available. From benches and steps to complete outdoor kitchens, let’s take a look at some of the most common accessories and upgrades for spas and hot tubs.

Cover lifters

A cover lifter can not only make a cover easier to take on and off, but some systems will make your cover last a lot longer. They can range from very basic to fully automated. Not all cover lifters are created equal and not all cover lifters can go on all tubs. Cover lift systems that fold the cover around a bar at the seam are the least expensive option initially,  they do unfortunately put great stress on the center seam often causing premature failure.

Expect these systems to cost between $50 and $250 depending on the quality. Better cover lifters capture the cover or use steel plates that are engineered into the spa cover to mount it to. These high-quality lifters will run in the $200 to $450 range. The absolute best systems use upgraded covers, automatic powered lifters, hydraulic systems, and the premier system has a roof that raises and lowers at the turn of a key. Expect to pay between $1000 and $10000 for these automated cover lifters.


Like everything else pertaining to hot tubs, steps for hot tubs can be very basic to extremely durable and matching the spas cabinet or exterior. The most basic steps are inexpensive but normally are adequate, the weight rating should be addressed if this is a concern. Many of these inexpensive steps are not very strong. Always make sure that steps have a non-skid surface as a spa and hot tub steps can be slippery when wet and icy. Expect to pay as little as $50 for low-quality steps and as much as $500 for high-quality composite steps.

Music systems

Music systems are one of the most popular options for tubs today. They are not required but make the hot tub experience even better. Today’s modern music systems are mostly Bluetooth based. This has greatly increased the reliability and affordability. When you include a subwoofer the sound quality in the high-end systems is truly amazing. Sound systems will range in price from $200 to $2000 depending on the sound systems’ quality and features.

Surrounds and enclosures

One thing that can transform the look of your hot tub is a hot tub surround. These can be as simple as steps and benches or planters to a complete decking surround of your new tub. We carry the AB accessories line of products. They have a full line of products, even including outdoor kitchens.

Our Delivery Package

Here at Sandollar Spa & Pool, we include with our added value package everything you need including:

  • Hot Tub
  • Highest quality Cover
  • Cover Cradle cover lift system
  • Salt system or Ozone on most tubs
  • Chemical start up kit
  • Steps
  • Delivery
  • After-sale support like no other!

The only two things you will need with a Sandollar Spa Hot Tub will be an electrician, wire(s), and some water from your faucet.

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