About Sandollar Spa & Pool

Serving Central Maine Since 1985

About Sandollar Spa & Pool

Serving Central Maine Since 1985

A Little Bit About Us

Hello! We are Jeff and Danielle Simons, Owners of Sandollar Spa and Pool. September marks the two-year anniversary of us taking the plunge in to ownership. We wanted to share what we’ve been up to. It hasn’t been an easy two years, but we couldn’t be prouder of the results to date!

When approaching our brother and sister in-law, Scott and Sally, about purchasing their business, we had several goals in mind. First, we wanted to improve upon the great success our family had already created. We are striving to run a successful business, where our employees are happy and fulfilled, and where our employees know that we support and appreciate them. Secondly, we wanted to provide our employees with a career that has a future and is not JUST a job to them. Last, but not least, we wanted our loyal customers to know that our team will always work hard for them, and that hard work makes them want to visit us repeatedly for their pool/spa needs…or just to come in and say hi.

Very early on in our ownership, we learned disturbing news about the actions by one of our most trusted employees, someone with whom we considered our longtime friend. The actions hurt us both personally and professionally. After taking some time to regroup, we spent the months that followed, making plans for the upcoming summer and worked hard toward the goals we had set. During that first winter, for the first time ever, Sandollar was awarded the most prestigious award given by Watkins Manufacturing…The Hot Spring Dealer or the Year Award! We were feeling confident, we had solid plans, a team ready to help us accomplish it…then, out of the blue…COVID-19 hit!!!  Five months into ownership, COVID hit the nation. Shortly after the outbreak, we are all in masks, the country is shut down, and outlook for all business is tentative at best.  During the early days of ownership, our family who had run the business for thirty-five years, offered to help by working at the store for a couple summers, making an easier transition for our employees and customers. After the pandemic hit, Scott and Sally had no way to get back to the United States due to travel restrictions. Not having their help during that time, we were down two key-employees during what turned out to be a record-breaking year for Sandollar. The start of that Spring was tenuous, but soon, we were so busy that we didn’t have time to stop and think about their absence. Our concern then turned to inventory issues. During the outbreak, inventory was hard to come by due to shortages throughout the industry. In addition to the stress of the virus on the business, the transition of ownership, inventory control and the hard pursuit of our own goals…we also found additional pressure by losing several employees. Our stress was greatly relieved by picking up some amazing new employees along the way. Now Sandollar has some of the best, and most highly trained staff it has ever had since the business began many years ago.

Along the journey, our Service and Delivery Department encountered some struggles due to a lack of experienced staff during a record-breaking business year. Our team worked very hard to get the job done right and provide outstanding service, but that wasn’t always possible. At times, we fell short, and we certainly apologize to any customers that experienced that condition. Since then, we have hired more people, trained them properly, and have assembled an amazing team. In addition, we continue to work daily to improve our processes, to ensure that our customers have the best experience with us possible. This year, we hired an experienced Service Manager to help join the pool/spa technicians and delivery crew. Not only is he a long-time trusted friend of the Sandollar family, but he also brings decades of pool and hot tub experience to the team. Knowing his experience, knowledge, and work ethic, we are looking forward to the future of the Service Department! Be sure to say hi to Dan Miller, during your next visit!

For the first time in more than 20 years, we have a highly trained, experienced, and dedicated swimming pool installation department.  After some bad experiences with sub-contractors and gypsy pool installers, we have decided to do our own pool installations. Doing the work ourselves will ensure that you get the best possible installation every time. Having a competent crew with the ability to work independently, has allowed us to build, renovate, and repair more swimming pools than we have during any other year.

Now, for the first time ever, we have a team dedicated to hot tub deliveries. They are highly trained and efficient at their job. They have spent the past two years, defining each process, limiting mistakes, and ensuring a quality experience for our customers.

In our spa service department, we are the luckiest service department around…we have Charlie Sargent! Charlie has been with Sandollar for almost forty years. Charlie allows us to rest easy knowing that our hot tub customers always get the most knowledgeable and accurate information. If you have read our reviews, you’ve seen Charlie mentioned in a high percentage of them. He is one of the reasons our customers come back time and time again!

Our Retail store has some new faces, and we promise you, they are the best!!! Our Retail staff spent the winter of 2020 learning everything there is to know about water chemistry. We have four key store employees that make it their business to make your experience the finest available! They continuously educate themselves about every topic related to pools and spas. When you walk in our store, you will be greeted by someone ready to help. Our store has never been cleaner or more organized than it is now! We couldn’t be prouder of their success and dedication, and we look forward to the growth and potential of our retail staff for years to come at Sandollar!

If you “liked us” on Facebook, you’re probably familiar with our Sales Manager, Chris Cosenze. Most of our Facebook friends have seen a video or two of his Managers Minute Mondays. In this ever-changing stressful word of inventory (or sometimes, lack thereof), he tries hard to lighten the mood with his humorous videos. A great addition to our team during the pandemic, Chris has successfully revamped our Sales Process and continues to improve it to ensure our customer experience is always the best it can possibly be.

If you’ve been into our store, it’s likely you’ve met Sara (she’s the girl with the hat). Sara has worked for Sandollar for more than twelve years. Beyond that, she has been a close friend far longer than she’s been an employee. Sara has always given 120%, both for Scott and Sally, and now for us. Sara absolutely steers the ship here! Without her, we are certain Sandollar would not be in the great place it is today. Though Sara’s title is Office Manager, she is so much more than a title. Sara is whatever she needs to be at that moment (also acting as the office Mom – ha). Can you keep a secret?….she keeps all the good snacks in her office! Everyone needs a Sara, but we are the ones lucky enough to have this one!

Though the last two years has had a few setbacks, surprises, and even some disappointments, our future at Sandollar is looking very bright! We have an outstanding team; they continue to grow and make us prouder each day. When one person is down, the other team members pick them up. They respect one another and treat each other with kindness and professionalism. They understand Sandollar customers are the most important ingredient to this business being a success. Our loyal customer base continues to grow at an incredible pace, and that is directly related to the service our team provides to our customers. Both inside and outside of the store, we know they will always represent us well and have our customers best interest at heart. Having an outstanding team with positive attitudes was one of our biggest goals…and we have succeeded.

We look forward to sharing our ever-changing story with you again next year. We have exciting things happening here! Thank you for taking the time to catch up with the Sandollar Spa and Pool team thank you for being a loyal customer.

We are always available to you; you can reach us by phone, text, email, Facebook, or by stopping by our store!

Best regards,

Danielle – (207) 460-8554

Jeff – (207) 460-1953