Can I run a hot tub if I lose power?

A hot tub can run without power with the use of a generator.

There are two ways a tub can be connected and protected by a generator. It can be wired so that only the circulator pumps runs or so that the entire tub, including the heater can run. Recommendations on what approach to take would depend on the size and type of the generator, the make, and model of the tub, weather, as well as other considerations.

Always consult a licensed electrician with any questions or concerns regarding generator hook-up.

If No Power And No Generator

There are several measures that you can take if you have a spa and no power depending on:

  • the amount of time before it will be returned
  • the temperature outside
  • the brand of tub.

If the power outage will be brief and your hot tub is insulated, you can just wait it out usually. Fully insulated tubs can go quite a while without power before you should be concerned.

The following does not apply to tubs with little to no insulation and tubs which use dead air space or trapped heat. These types of tubs will cool down very quickly. Any time without power for these tubs is a concern.

For shorter periods of time find a heavy blanket and cover over the equipment side of the tub, tucking the blanket up under the door and covering it with a tarp or plastic.

Should a power outage go on for many days or weeks and the temperatures are very low it will need to be winterized. Every tub is different so always consult your dealer or whomever you purchased your spa from. Always call your dealer for specific advice to your situation.

Should the tub need to be without power for an extended period of time (days for higher quality tubs, hours for lesser quality tubs) it’s recommended that the tub be drained and winterized. The better the quality and quantity of insulation the longer a tub can go without power.

Winterization is a process that should be done by a dealer. It is a very difficult task to do properly for the average homeowner. Having a relationship with a dealer before issues arise is important and recommended. Keep in mind that most dealers will not service tubs they do not sell, especially in the case of the emergency being the first interaction.